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Vegetarian cheese souffle

Calling all cheese lovers! This is a recipe pro a delicious cheese pie, which is really a recipe I learned from my mum. Whenever I give somebody no option but to it, the smells from the kitchen recap me of her and her delicious cooking. It’s a quite minimal recipe and can be used as a starter in a banquet outfit and be solid with the purpose of your guests will be bowled concluded! Left-overs can be used as a snack pro the after that daylight hours.


1 packet of filo pastry.
500 gr (17 oz) of Feta cheese.
500 gr (17 oz) of Gouda or other yellow cheese.
4 eggs.
A little not as much of than 500 ml (less than 1 pint) of milk.
50 grams (2 oz) of finely-chopped tedious leaf thyme.
Extra-virgin olive grease.

You train the mix of the cheeses: Flake the Feta in small pieces with a fork and make the same with the Gouda, if possible with a knife. Feta is wanted to end the salt taste and Gouda pro the nuts solitary. Instead of Gouda or with it, you may possibly advantage one cheese you wish, Emmental, Havarti, Edam and all that. Has to be something with the purpose of will melt and end a smooth and maybe moody taste. You can plant several infuse on the mix (no salt! Feta is salt enough).

Arrived a standard tray you extent a little spot of olive grease using a kitchen brush. Then you start layering the filo sheets. After you plant the to start with solitary, you brush it with olive grease and you layer the be with sheet. You keep burden with the purpose of until you hold 4-5 layers.

You extent partially of the cheese mix on the tray. You cover it with two filo sheets. These sheets be supposed to not be impeccably aligned as the foot ones but to be more precise wrinkled. On top of them you extent the lay of the cheese mix and you start layering 4-5 filo sheets as you did on the foot. Remember to brush every one solitary with olive grease. If not, the filo will junction to biscuit as soon as midnight! At the outcome, you fold the overload of foot and top filo sheets to confine the pie so it looks like a head rest. Cut with a knife the filo with the purpose of was not here from folding.

The the majority chief part at this instant: In a jar, you beat the eggs and you add the milk and the thyme. Stir until you hold a smooth mixture. With a knife, engrave the pie along the tray horizontally and vertically into the pieces you will wait it afterward. Careful, the knife be supposed to not attain the foot but ~ the halfway point of the pie. Then pour the egg-milk mixture on top of the pie. Shake the tray so it covers it all. Wait pro a pair of minutes until the milk-egg is absorbed. Your pie is swift to take off to the preheated oven (190 degrees Celsius – 380 Fahrenheit). Cook pro ~ 40 minutes, until golden brown.

When the pie is elsewhere of the oven, assent to it lay pro ~ 10 minutes. It will be easier to engrave and wait.